Bitcoin and Crypto projects rally. BTC dominance falls. More Russia / Ukraine news. US Market open.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Market Overview
3:25 Five-Decade Low
5:30 Russian Sanctions
7:30 Globalization Ending
8:30 BlackRock Crypto Trading
9:10 Deadline Approaching
10:00 44% In Crypto
12:00 Small Victory
13:00 Cardano
15:35 Q&A

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Cryptocurrency was originally intended to be a peer-to-peer electronic currency, devoid of a central authority. Its fast transaction speed and lack of dependency on central banks make it highly desirable for transactions between people. While many cryptocurrencies still serve this purpose, others have been developed for uses other than payment. One of the broadest and most popular use cases for crypto is speculation. While many people are concerned about the security of cryptocurrencies, there are some key benefits to using them.

Unlike fiat currencies, crypto has no underlying economic base, which makes it impenetrable to governments, corporations, and other financial institutions. The fact that cryptocurrencies are digital allows for free portability across borders, divisibility, and transparency. Yet despite the benefits of cryptocurrencies, critics say that they are prone to hacking, misuse, and inflation. In addition, many users have noted that the volatility of the exchange rate and infrastructure are concerns with cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is one of the first major cryptocurrencies, with a successful presale in 2014. It has been widely used for decentralization, trading, and codifying, and has been backed by large financial institutions. In fact, the Ethereum network has been the largest cryptocurrency in the world, with over a billion users. In the same way, it is also the most widely used digital card game currency, and the most popular. The most widely used cryptocurrency is bitcoin, but a variety of other cryptocurrencies have emerged as well.

Other cryptocurrencies are more innovative. Cardano, a smart contract platform, is competing with Ethereum to become the world’s financial operating system. It aims to eliminate problems such as voter fraud and legal contract tracing with its DeFi products. Its market capitalization is over $37 billion and is trading at $1.15 per ADA. Its main goal is to become the world’s largest blockchain, gaining popularity around the world.

Earlier, the SOL had a strong rally and has risen to $120. Now, it is falling toward its key support level of $100 and is unlikely to reverse. The price of SOL has increased by 50% over the last seven days. However, volume is declining during the rally, which signals a lack of momentum. In the daily chart, MACD is bullish, but the histogram is indicating a lack of momentum.

XRP has been able to overcome key resistance at $0.70. However, it has not been able to push over this level and is now in a correction phase with support at $0.80. It may drop back to the $0.70 level. It is currently trading in the red, but it is unlikely to break through this psychological barrier any time soon. In the meantime, XRP is poised for another bullish breakout. But ADA has experienced its own setbacks, unable to move higher due to the resistance at $1.2.

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