Can We Trust This Bitcoin Pump After The FOMC Meeting?

Bitcoin Price Pump After May FOMC Meeting – Yesterday’s FOMC meeting triggered a pump in risk-on assets. Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Stocks all surged when Jerome Powell explained his strategy to fight the rampant inflation in the U.S. After a 50 BPS interest rate hike and more news on the FED’s Quantitative Tightening strategy, risk assets are struggling on a follow-through. Can we trust this Bitcoin pump and how high could the Bitcoin price go?

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00:00 FOMC Meeting & Press Conference
00:13 Bitcoin Liked the News
00:32 How Long Will This Bitcoin Rally Last?
00:45 Market Priced in 50 BSP Interest Rate Hike
00:57 Risk-On Shift
01:17 Jerome Powell on 75 BPS Interest Rate Hike
01:40 75 Bases Points off the Table
02:00 Jerome Powell Press Conference
02:15 All Markets Moving Up
02:28 FED Starts Quantitative Tightening
02:55 Reduction of Liquidity
03:15 More Demand for US Dollar
03:20 Bitcoin Price Prediction
03:30 FED Balance Sheet vs Bitcoin Price
04:10 Bitcoin Follows Suit
04:50 Less Liquidity in the Market

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Despite its hype, crypto is not yet a mainstream currency. But with the growing popularity of decentralized applications, it may be the future of money. While some currencies are decentralized, others are not. And the ones that are aren’t will only be around for a short time. To understand the value of crypto, you should know about its fundamentals. This article outlines how these digital currencies work and how they differ from traditional currencies.

Ether is a cryptocurrency with many uses in the tech world and decentralized finance. It has the highest ROI, approaching 300% annually. In fact, early investors have quadrupled their investment every year since summer 2014. But remember, cryptocurrency prices are notoriously volatile, and you may want to prioritize emergency savings or paying off debts before investing your money. It’s best to invest a small portion in a cryptocurrency. That way, you can build a larger portfolio.

Ethereum is the first blockchain to have smart contract capabilities, but it is still expensive to transact on. This has led to a rise in prices, and Ethereum has taken a long time to implement these upgrades. In addition, new companies have emerged with add-on solutions and new blockchain networks that act as Ethereum alternatives. These new competition is only increasing, and it is impossible to predict how long these new technologies will last. There’s no end in sight for crypto.

The cryptocurrency market is undergoing a dramatic shift as investors sell their digital assets ahead of tax deadlines. Elon Musk, CEO of PayPal, has become a major influencer in the crypto market. Facebook and Mastercard have also backed cryptos. The cryptocurrency bubble is not a one-time event, but it does show that the world is now more open to new ways of trading. So, if you’re a crypto enthusiast, now is the time to buy!

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which was a trend-setter. Bitcoin’s decentralized peer-to-peer network enabled people to create digital tokens. Since then, it has inspired a legion of spinoffs. Bitcoin continues to lead the way in terms of user base and market capitalization. Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that is rapidly gaining popularity. Its decentralized nature has enabled it to become an integral part of the financial system.

Bitcoin is the foundation of many other cryptocurrencies. It is a censorship-resistant and open source protocol that’s decentralized and virtually free from government intervention. Its open source code means anyone can create a new coin from its code. Anybody can join and transact in the network. As it continues to grow, its potential benefits will continue to grow. And that’s not all! There are more ways to use crypto than ever before!

Compared to traditional currencies, some cryptocurrencies use fewer resources than others. Bitcoin relies on the Proof of Work system, which requires large amounts of computing power. Proof of Stake and Block Lattice technology both require very low processing power and are more energy-efficient. Those with a high level of computer expertise should consider these currencies. But it’s not clear which ones will grow the fastest, or will remain profitable. There are several other factors to consider when deciding between cryptocurrency exchanges.

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